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These general conditions apply to all agreements which you conclude at the (Falin Dioz BV) web shop. Placing an order means that you accept these conditions.

Making an agreement

An agreement is only established after the acceptance of your order by (Falin Dioz BV). (Falin Dioz BV) retains the right to refuse orders or to attach certain conditions to the delivery thereof, unless otherwise determined as such. In the case an order is not accepted then the web shop owner will inform you thereof after reception of the order. The order will be confirmed in written at the moment of delivery.


The process mentioned for the offered products are in Euro’s, not including VAT and delivery expenses. For foreign companies the VAT surcharge is 0%.

Method of payment

Payment is always made prior to delivery. For orders made on the site the payment will be made as per the payment possibilities indicated on the site.

Delivery/shipping time

After the reception of your order (Falin Dioz BV) will make every attempt to deliver your order as fast as possible. For all goods and services which are offered via the web shop of (Falin Dioz BV) it applies that delivery will be possible as long the items ordered are in stock. In the case the item you ordered is no longer available for delivery then you will be informed of this as soon as possible.


In the case you are in default with some payment then the (Falin Dioz BV) web shop has the right not to process your order.

Right to return

You have the obligation to inspect the products at reception thereof in order to make sure the products are as agreed. If this is not the case your will need to contact the (Falin Dioz BV) web shop and inform them thereto as quickly as possible and certainly within 48 hours after delivery. This communication will need to be done in writing and properly documented and motivated. You will need to send an email with the order number, the total number of products and the article number of the product to (Falin Dioz BV). As attachment you can send a photograph which will clearly demonstrate the default in question. If it has been clearly substantiated that the products are not as per the agreement then the (Falin Dioz BV) web shop will have the choice to replace the products in question by way of returning them by new products or to reimburse the invoiced amount. If the items will show signs of having been worn or damages then (Falin Dioz BV) will retain the right to proceed to claim damage compensations.

Delivery disclaimers

Due to misunderstandings, mutilations, delays or the issues in order processing or communication related to the use of the internet or by way of any other type of communication medium relating to the traffic between you and the web shop of (Falin Dioz BV), or between the web shop of (Falin Dioz BV) and third parties, as long as this relates to the relation between you and the web shop of (Falin Dioz BV), the web shop will not be held liable, unless and in the case there might be intentional or severe misconduct on behalf of the web shop of (Falin Dioz BV). Unabated as such in respect to all its other applicable rights, the web shop (Falin Dioz BV) will in the case of an act of God have the right, as per its own choice, to cancel your order, or to disband the agreement without any further need for any legal intervention, of this fact you will be informed in written and without the possibility that the web shop of (Falin Dioz BV) can be held liable for any damage compensation, unless this would be deemed unacceptable in accordance to the standards of reasonableness and fairness as per the given circumstances. Under act of God we understand each failure or shortcoming which cannot be blamed on the web shop of (Falin Dioz BV), as it is not due to its fault nor as per the law, or through legal action that these circumstances would be brought to the account of the web shop.

Delivery expenses

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Applicable law and competent court

Dutch law is exclusively applicable to all rights, obligations, offers and agreements which apply to these conditions as well as to the conditions as such. All disputes between parties will be brought to the competent judge within the Netherlands.


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